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Self Service Portal
  1. Identify the lender name and loan account number of an account on your credit report You see “Not Disclosed” on the report you have and want more information. The Credit Report should be no older than 60 days. Click here
  2. Check the current data reported for an account on your Credit Report If you have disputed information on an account you can use this tool to check whether the changes you have requested have been made. The credit report should be no older than 60 days. Click here
  3. Automated Re-dispatch of your Credit Score & Report You successfully passed online authentication and have not received the report within 24 hours, you can use this tool to request an immediate re-dispatch. Click here
  4. Report Dispatch Status You were not able to pass online authentication, have submitted your documents to us and want to know the processing status of your request. Click here
  5. KYC Document Upload You were not able to pass online authentication and need to submit your documents to CIBIL. Click here
  6. Learn More Understand the information on your CIBIL Report. Click here Understand  Click here Understand your Company Credit Report (CCR). Click here
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