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Banks Check Your CIBIL Score Before Approving Your Loan*


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Don't worry. Checking your own credit score won't lower it.

Learn. Plan. Protect. All in one place. Here’s how.

24x7 credit monitoring with CIBIL alerts

Safeguard against identity theft with email & SMS notifications.

Unlimited access to your CIBIL dashboard

Get regular updates to your CIBIL Score & Report.

Make the right credit decisions with Score Simulator

Find out how your credit actions can impact your CIBIL Score.

Get personalized loan offers

Tailored loan offers based on your latest CIBIL Score.

Everything you need to stay loan-ready, always.


Monitor Your Company's Credit Health with CIBIL Rank.

Easy access - check your report online anytime, anywhere.

70% of all companies who were sanctioned loans had a CIBIL RANK between 4 and 1.



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