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Official Partners to distribute CIBIL Score and Report


TU CIBIL’s official partner for distributing CIBIL Score and Report are-


It has come to our notice that certain entities are making false claims regarding their partnering with TU CIBIL in order to facilitate delivery of CIBIL Score for the consumers.

We advise all our customers to be cautious of these claims and identify our official partners through the ‘Powered by CIBIL Logo’ displayed on their website.

Please note that our member institutions like any Bank, NBFC or other financial institutions are also able to offer CIBIL Score and Report to consumers.

Please read the detailed disclosure below.

You are requested to immediately report to us any such incidence by clicking here.

Please note TransUnion CIBIL Limited ( TU CIBIL) does not either by itself or through any agent (via E-mail / SMS / Phone Calls) advise any Customers ( collectively individual(s) and/ or corporates) regarding methods to improve credit scores or seek rectification of trade lines entries appearing on an individual/entity’s TransUnion CIBIL Report either for a fee or otherwise.

Save and except for the purposes of authentication as required when accessing the TU CIBIL report directly from the TU CIBIL official website at TU CIBIL does not in any manner and for any reason whatsoever require any Customer to disclose/ share any personal or sensitive personal data and information (collectively “Identifier Information”) such PAN, TAN, Date of Birth etc. financial information. TU CIBIL advises all Customers to reconfirm/ verify the authenticity of any formal arrangement claimed to be set up between any Third Party and TU CIBIL which enables the Third Party to provide a TU CIBIL Report to the Customer on the basis Identifier Information required to be shared by the Customers with such Third Party. TU CIBIL further advises all individual(s) /entity (ies) to refrain from opening any attachments/ accessing any suspicious / phishing websites. TU CIBIL communicates with its customers only through its official website or through emails with domain ids ending with or