Credit Score and Loan Approvals

Applying for a Loan or Credit Card?
The Score plays a critical role in the loan approval process.

The CIBIL TransUnion Score is a 3 digit numeric summary of your credit history which indicates your financial & credit health. The higher your score, the higher are the chances of your loan application getting approved!

Your CIBIL Credit information report (CIR) is provided to you along with your score, because it is the basis on which your Credit Score is generated. It's a record of your credit history. i.e past loans or credit cards availed from various loan providers who are members of CIBIL. For more information please go to the Frequently Asked Questions section.

What goes into the loan approval process?
Once you have your score, check your eligibility for loan and credit card offers on CIBIL Market Place.
If you wish to purchase only your CIBIL CIR for `154/-. Please click on 'DOWNLOAD FORM' and follow the instructions. Click here to go through the documents required to be sent along with the form.