The Score plays a critical role in the loan approval process. Your credit score provides loan providers with an indication of how likely it is that you will pay back a loan based on your credit history. Your Score can range from a low of 300 to a high of 900. The higher the Score the more favourably it is viewed by lenders... Read More >>
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The CIBIL CCIR is a record of your company's loan re-payment history compiled from information received from loan providers such as banks and financial institutions. Companies include sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited, private limited entities to name a few.






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CIBIL’s revolutionary new online platform uses your CIBIL TransUnion Score to show you the best loan and Credit Card offers you are eligible for.
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Typically, you check your credit report when your loan gets rejected and...Read More>>
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Making informed credit choices is vital to loan approvals, Learn how a balanced credit score may help you on your way to quick loan approvals and better interest rates.
Find out how you can achieve and maintain a strong credit history....