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Prepare yourself for a promising journey ahead with your CIBIL Score & Report.

Did you know? Banks check your CIBIL Score before approving your loan.

What is CIBIL Score & Report?

Your CIBIL score is 3-digit number that indicates your creditworthiness and demonstrates your ability to repay a loan. It is derived using the credit history found in your CIBIL report.

Your CIBIL report is a record of your financial history compiled from information received from banks and financial institutions. It includes credit enquiries, open and closed credit accounts, personal & employment information and your payment history.

Check your latest CIBIL Score & Report on the CIBIL Dashboard.


What is in your CIBIL Dashboard?

CIBIL Dashboard brings a wide range of features in one place to help you track your credit health and stay credit ready.


Unlimited Access to the most recent updates in your CIBIL Score & Report

Tailored Loan Offers from leading lenders based on your CIBIL Score

CIBIL Alerts to stay updated and aware of key changes in your credit profile

Trended View of the changes in your CIBIL Score with every refresh            

Score Simulator to check the impact of your credit actions on your CIBIL Score

Where you stand with the rest of self monitoring consumers

Why should you subscribe to the CIBIL Dashboard?

CIBIL Dashboard helps to keep your credit in good shape by providing access to your latest CIBIL Score & Report. This helps lenders consider your application while assessing your credit worthiness.

Get started now to:

  • Understand your credit profile better.
  • Be aware of what lenders may see
  • Check for accuracy of information in your CIBIL Report.

Track how your credit decisions impact your credit profile

Choose a CIBIL Subscription plan to unlock powerful tools that help build your credit profile and protect your from any fraudulent activity.

View your CIBIL Dashboard in any of these languages – English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Bengali