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Find out how your credit actions can impact your CIBIL Score.

What is Score Simulator?

The Score Simulator is a tool that allows you to simulate different credit behaviours on your existing CIBIL Report, and generates simulated CIBIL Score. This feature is designed to help you understand how various credit behaviours can affect your existing CIBIL Score thus empowering you to take informed decisions.


How does the Score Simulator work?

The Score Simulator allows you to choose from various simulations – such as

  • Opening / closing or new loan accounts
  • Paying off outstanding amounts on Credit Cards
  • Adding Late Payments to your active loan accounts
  • Add a new enquiry
  • Clear the outstanding balances on your active account(s)

On choosing a particular simulation, you will be asked for some additional details needed for the simulation for e.g. if you choose to add a new credit card, you will be asked for a ‘Credit Limit’. On entering the additional details you will be able to check your simulated CIBIL Score.


Where can I find the Score Simulator?

You need to have an active paid subscription (1-Month, 6-Months or 1-Year Unlimited Access) in order to access the Score Simulator. Once you have an active paid subscription, you will be able to access the Score Simulator tool under the Score Simulator tab in your CIBIL account. To register for a paid subscription click here.

If you already have a paid subscription,click here to log in and check now.


Does using the Score Simulator impact my score?

Score Simulator does not impact your existing CIBIL Score. Also using Score Simulator will not change / update any data on your CIBIL Report. Score Simulator only indicates how various credit behaviours impact your CIBIL Score.


How does Score Simulator help me?

CIBIL Score plays a critical part in the loan application process. Understanding how various credit behaviours are likely to impact your CIBIL Score can help you to take informed credit decisions to achieve your financial goals.

Legal Disclaimer: The Score Simulator is designed to help you understand how different credit scenarios may affect your CIBIL Score. However, Score Simulator cannot be used as a prediction tool to guarantee any outcome. This simulator is meant for informational and educational purposes only and is to be used as merely an indicator of a hypothetical score based on the scenarios chosen by the user. It is only an estimate and does not provide a guaranteed result. TransUnion CIBIL shall not be liable or responsible for any errors or omissions, including but not limited to technical inaccuracies. Further, TransUnion CIBIL shall not be liable for the consequences of any decisions or actions taken in reliance upon and / or based on the result of the information / tools provided by this Simulator. TransUnion CIBIL shall not be held liable and/or responsible for any losses/ claims / damages caused to the user in any manner whatsoever. TransUnion CIBIL disclaims all such liabilities.