Purchase and Post Purchase Help

What is Subscription? How do I purchase a Subscription?
Subscription is a product offered by CIBIL through which you can purchase a pack of 2 or 4 reports at a discounted price. These reports are made available to you on a bi-annual / quarterly basis. With Subscription you also get access to other CIBIL Services like Loan Offers, Credit Monitoring and Dispute Assistance with an option to submit your remarks for the dispute account to the bank.

You can purchase a subscription by applying online on www.cibil.com and selecting the required product type on the Online Application Form. Post successful payment (Rs. 1200 for quarterly and Rs. 800 for bi-annual subscription) and authentication, you would be provided access to myCIBIL portal where you can view your reports and access other CIBIL Services.

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Why am I being asked to login to myCIBIL when I try to submit the Online Application Form?
If you have applied for a product from CIBIL earlier, we would have created a myCIBIL account for you to enjoy seamless access to all CIBIL Services. To re-purchase your Subscription / CIBIL Score and CIR, just login to myCIBIL and click on the ‘Re-purchase’ or ‘Renew Subscription’ option as shown below.

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to login to myCIBIL.

Click Here to retrieve the login credentials.

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In how much time will I be able to access my CIBIL Score and CIR post successful payment?
Successful Online Authentication: If you have made your purchase through myCIBIL or Online Application Form you will be provided instant access to myCIBIL account. The login credentials for myCIBIL will be emailed to your registered Email Address.

Unsuccessful Online Authentication: If you have made a purchase through the Online Application Form and the Online Authentication was not successful, you will have to upload your KYC compliant documents. Post successful verification of the documents, the login credentials for myCIBIL will be sent to your registered address in 7 business days via Express Delivery / Speed Post / Courier.


I purchased my subscription online but have not received any communication from CIBIL, why?

You might not have received any communication from CIBIL due to any of the following reasons:

  • If you have passed Online Authentication, it is possible that you provided a different or incorrect email address, or the Login Credentials to myCIBIL could have gone to the Spam / Junk Folder of your mailbox. In case you have provided an official email address, the network / email settings for your Office network may have blocked the emails. Please contact your system administrator in such a case.

  • If you have not passed Online Authentication, then you will need to upload your KYC Documents. Post successful verification of the documents, the login credentials for myCIBIL will be sent to your registered address in 7 business days via Express Delivery / Speed Post / Courier. In case the KYC Documents do not meet our requirements, you would receive an Email and SMS asking you to provide fresh documents.


I have sent / uploaded the KYC documents to purchase my Subscription. When will I receive it?
After receiving your documents, CIBIL takes 7 business days to verify them. Post successful verification you will receive the login credentials to myCIBIL Portal by Express Delivery / Speed Post / Courier.


I received an Email / SMS stating that my credentials have been dispatched, however I have not yet received it?
It generally takes 3-4 business days, depending on the location, for the credentials to be delivered via Express Delivery.


Can I purchase only the CIR?
Yes, you can purchase only the CIR. The CIR will just represent your credit history as reported by the Banks and Financial Institutions. To purchase the CIR, you need to download and mail the duly filled form (at the address mentioned in the form) along with KYC compliant documents and a Demand Draft of Rs. 164/-.