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Free CIBIL Score and Report

What is a Free CIBIL Score and Report? 


CIBIL will provide you one CIBIL Score and Report without any charge once a year.


How do I get a Free CIBIL Score and Report from CIBIL?

If you are already a member login to myCIBIL, go to ‘My Account’ tab on the top right of the screen and click on the ‘Get your Free Report’ link on the page. Click here to login.

If you are not a member, click here to get your free CIBIL Score & Report and just follow the below mentioned process.


I don’t see Get your Free CIBIL Score & Report link on the “My Account” page.  


If you do not see the ‘Get your Free Report’ link on the ‘My Account’ page it might be because you have already applied for a free CIBIL Score and Report for the year. If you have purchased any of our unlimited plans, the ‘Get your Free Report’ link will be available after your unlimited plan expires.


What if I want another CIBIL Score and Report before one year?


If you have already got your Free CIBIL Score and Report for the year and wish to continue monitoring your credit history, you can purchase one of our unlimited access plans. Click here to know more.


I could not complete the identity verification process,, how will I receive my Free CIBIL Score and Report now?


In case your online authentication is not successful, you will have to call CIBIL Customer Support to complete your identity verification. You will be able to access your account as soon as you complete the verification process.  


What additional features will I get along with my Free CIBIL Score and Report?


You will get access to personalized loan and credit card offers based on your CIBIL Score. You can also raise disputes online in case you find any discrepancies or inaccuracies that reflect on your CIBIL Report.


What does No Hit mean?


It means that based on the details submitted by you, we were unable to find your credit report. You will still have access to myCIBIL account to check and apply for loan and credit card offers through the Loan Offers section. Your report will be available when any financial institution reports or submits any information pertaining to your credit activity. Login into your myCibil account regularly to check the availability of your report.


How to raise a dispute if I find inaccuracies in my Free CIBIL Score and Report?


To initiate a dispute with us, just follow the below mentioned online dispute process.

Click this video link to know more.


Please Note –You can dispute multiple fields and information on your report in a single dispute by navigating to each section on the Online Dispute Form (i.e. Personal, Contact, Employment, Account Details and Enquiry).
Once the dispute is submitted, CIBIL will also mark the relevant field/ account/ section on your credit report as “Under Dispute”.

It may take approximately 30 days to resolve a dispute, subject to the time taken by the Credit Institution to respond.