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What is a Credit Enquiry?

Enquiries are often referred to as loan and credit card applications. Every time an ‘individual/consumer’ or ‘businesses/commercial entity’ applies for a loan or credit card, respective lender* can access their ‘Credit Information report (CIR)’ or Company Credit Report (CCR). These applications are recorded in your credit report and the same is referred as “Enquiries” in your CIR or CCR.

*Lender refers to any bank or financial institution 

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Why have I received an enquiry alert?

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) requires us to notify individuals/consumers or businesses/commercial entities whenever a lender requests their credit history and CIBIL Score or Rank.

How can I check the details of the enquiry alert?

Regularly monitoring your credit information helps protect against identity theft or fraud. Choose a CIBIL Subscription Plan to check details of the enquiry alert received via SMS/email.

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If you are a business entity like MSME, sole proprietor or enterprises, who has applied for loan/credit cards. Click here.


If you have applied for a loan or credit card.

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If you are a business that applied for a loan or credit card.

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If you have subscribed to your Company Credit Report on or before 31st March 2024, Click Here To Login to your account

As per the Credit Information Companies (Regulation) Act 2005, no correction, deletion, or addition to any information in the database can be made by CIBIL without confirmation from the concerned lender.

What to do if the enquiry does not belong to you?

Principal Nodal Officer (PNO)

Lenders appoint a principal nodal officer (PNO) expected to oversee the overall complaints management process of the bank. You can access this detail here.

Initiate a Dispute

You can initiate a dispute with CIBIL and we will verify the details in our records. Click here

Contact Us

Alternatively, if you are sure that the enquiry does not belong to you, click here to write to us. 

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