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Types Of Offers Marketplace Loan Products

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Types of Loans

Personal Loan: A personal loan is a short to medium term unsecured credit provided to you by banks/financial institutions. This kind of loan is essentially a multi-purpose loan that you can use to meet any of your immediate needs. Click here to apply now.

Credit Card: A credit card is a financial tool administered by banks with a pre-set credit limit, helping you make cashless transactions that go beyond your salary or monthly income. It offers you the flexibility to use borrowed money to purchase any goods and services, which you eventually have to pay back at a later date without incurring any interest. Click here to apply now.

Auto Loan: Auto loans are secured loans wherein the vehicle you purchase itself is used as collateral. It is offered by banks/financial institutions for new cars, used cars, two-wheelers (generally called a Two-wheeler Loan) and commercial vehicles (generally called a Commercial Vehicle Loan). Click here to apply now.

Home Loan: A home loan is a secured loan that is acquired when you want to buy a property by offering that itself as collateral. The repayment is done through timely instalments. The bank or financial institution holds the title or deed of the property till the loan has been paid back with the interest after which the property's title is transferred back to you. Click here to apply now.

Business Loan: A business loan helps raise capital to start a new business or expand any existing business. Banks and non-banking financial companies (NBFCs) in India offer business loans to help meet the immediate needs of an expanding company. Click here to apply now.

Loan against Property: A loan against property is a loan you get from the bank against the mortgage of your property. This type of loan comes under the category of secured loan. Click here to apply now.

* The offers also depend on requisite document check and verification performed by the lenders as per their credit policy.


Offers MarketPlace is an online platform which makes available tailor-made loan and credit card offers based on your CIBIL Score and Report, for your selection. It is an online loans marketplace that connects borrowers with top lenders in the country. Here you get offers for Credit Card, Personal Loan, Home Loan, and Loan against Property, based on the lender’s eligibility criteria.

At Offers MarketPlace you can compare interest rates, credit limits, annual fees and other features of an offer and apply for your preferred loan or credit card with the participating bank/financial institution, all at one place. You can choose between various offers to move forward in your loan journey.

With Offers Marketplace, you can choose between any type of loan options - Credit Card, Personal Loan, Home Loan, and Loan against Property, based on the lender’s eligibility criteria.

Yes, the Offers Marketplace offers multiple credit options to choose from, including Credit Cards.

Once you sign up to check your CIBIL Score and Report, you can navigate to the Loan Offers Section on the dashboard. In this section, you can choose from the multiple credit options available. The offers displayed to you would be based on your recent CIBIL Score.

The CIBIL Score plays a critical role in the loan application process. After an applicant fills out the application form and hands it over to the lender, the lender first checks the CIBIL Score and Report of the applicant. If the CIBIL Score is low, the lender may not even consider the application further and reject it at that point. If the CIBIL Score is high, the lender will look into the application and consider other details to determine if the applicant is credit-worthy. The CIBIL Score works as a first impression for the lender, the higher the score, the better are your chances of the loan being reviewed and approved. The decision to lend is solely dependent on the lender and CIBIL does not in any manner decide if the loan/credit card should be sanctioned or not.

You can improve your CIBIL Score by maintaining a good credit history, which is essential for loan approvals by lenders. Follow these 5 steps which will help you better your score:

  • Always pay your dues on time: Late payments are viewed negatively by lenders.
  • Keep your balances low: Always be prudent to not use too much credit, control your utilization.
  • Apply for new credit in moderation: You don’t want to reflect that you are continuously seeking excessive credit; apply for new credit cautiously.
  • Monitor your co-signed, guaranteed and joint accounts monthly: In co-signed, guaranteed or jointly held accounts, you are held equally liable for missed payments. Your joint holder’s (or the guaranteed individual) negligence could affect your ability to access credit when you need it.
  • Review your credit history frequently throughout the year: Monitor your CIBIL Score and Report regularly to avoid unpleasant surprises in the form of a rejected loan application.