KYC Document Checklist

Customer Service

Had an unsuccessful authentication process while trying to purchase your CIBIL Rank and Company Credit Report (CCR) online? Are you planning to send a Demand Draft (DD) along with the physical form while purchasing your Company Credit Report (CCR)? To simplify the entire process, make sure you go through the following checklist of documents.

What is KYC?

Adherence to Know Your Customer (KYC) norms while submitting your documents, is a mandatory requirement for purchasing your CIBIL Rank and Company Credit Report (CCR). The objective of performing a KYC check is to enable CIBIL to provide information to the rightful owner.

Companies / Business Entities

Acceptable Documents:

For the business entity purchasing the CIBIL Rank and Company Credit Report [CCR]

Address Proof (Any 1)
(in the Company name)

  • Bank Statement [Preferred]
  • Electricity bill
  • Telephone bill
  • Certificate of Incorporation

Address Proof

Why is it required?

To ensure the report is sent only to the consumer at the correct address.

Points to remember:

  • The address on the application form provided to the Credit Institution at the time of applying for credit should match with the address proof.
  • Address proof [Bank statement/ Electricity/ Telephone bill/ Credit Card Statement] should be not more than 3 months old from the date of application and should be in Company's name.