What is myCIBIL?
myCIBIL is a single platform for accessing all the services offered by CIBIL, like purchase your CIBIL Score, apply for a loan, raise a dispute and renew your subscription. You would get access to myCIBIL as soon as your request for CIBIL Score and CIR is processed successfully. Login credentials to myCIBIL Portal will be sent to you either via Email or Speed Post / Express Delivery.

Click here to login to myCIBIL.


How do I access my latest CIBIL Score and CIR in myCIBIL?
You can access your latest CIBIL Score and CIR by logging into myCIBIL and clicking on the ‘View Report’ tab on the Home page as indicated below.

For ease of understanding, the View Report section is organized under 5 sub-sections i.e. Personal Information, Contact Information, Employment Information, Account Information and Enquiry Information as they would appear in your credit report. You can also download the PDF version from the history section.

To read more about these sub-sections and the information reported under each click here.


How do I raise a dispute in myCIBIL?


Once the dispute is submitted, CIBIL will also mark the relevant field / account / section as “Under Dispute”.

It may take approximately 30 days to resolve a dispute, subject to the time taken by the Credit Institution to respond.

Note: You can dispute multiple fields and information on your report in a single dispute by navigating to each section of the report (i.e. Personal, Contact, Employment, Account Details and Enquiry).

Click here for Dispute Resolution Process.


How do I check the status of my dispute using myCIBIL?
If you have raised a dispute through myCIBIL, the status of your dispute will be updated under the ‘Dispute Status’ tab (as indicated in the below image) on the Home Page.

You will also get an email notification from us informing the status of the dispute request. If your dispute is accepted and disputed information is updated, we will provide you an updated report in myCIBIL.


What is Consumer Dispute Remark?
This is a value add that we provide to consumers who have availed a subscription product. Consumer Dispute Remarks are special remarks related to an account that can be added by you from a pre-defined list. These remarks will be available on your report for a year and will be displayed whenever your report is accessed by the credit institution/s or by you.

To buy a subscription click here.


How can I add a Consumer Dispute Remark through myCIBIL?
Currently this facility is available only for consumers who have opted for Subscription. Once you have logged into myCIBIL, click on ‘Consumer Dispute Remarks’ link under ‘Raise A Dispute’ tab and follow the instructions on the page.

To buy a subscription click here.


I do not see any offers in the ‘Apply for a Loan’ section after I login to myCIBIL?
This may be because you have not submitted certain details like Address and Income Details required to identify the Loan Offers that you are eligible for.

If you have submitted the above details but still do not see any offers for any of the products, then there might not be any suitable offers submitted by banks / credit institutions for your credit profile.


How do I renew my Subscription?
You can renew your subscription by logging to myCIBIL and clicking on the ‘Renew Subscription’ Tab on the Dashboard Page. Just follow the instructions on the page and make the requisite payment to complete the renewal process.


How can I access my past reports through myCIBIL? Can I get a copy of my report on my Email?
Your past reports are available in the ‘History’ tab on the top right of the Dashboard Page of myCIBIL portal.

You can also choose to download or email a PDF copy of the desired report by clicking on ‘Download’ or ‘Email’.


I have purchased a CIR, but cannot access myCIBIL. Why?
myCIBIL access is only provided with CIBIL Score and CIR or Subscription Requests. To avail a Subscription click here.


For how long will I have access to myCIBIL?
While the access to myCIBIL will never expire, you will only be able to view your past reports. You will not be able to avail other services like accessing updated reports, applying for loan offers, raising disputes and updating your remarks on the report unless you renew your subscription. To renew your Subscription click here.