FAQs - Enquiry

The ‘Accounts’ section of your credit report contains existing and past credit facilities that you have availed from various loan providers. For example, if you have a home loan and a personal loan, your credit report will reflect both accounts on your credit report along with details such as the name of the lender, type of credit facility, dates of opening and closing (if applicable) of each account, current balances, status of the accounts and your payment history. Your credit report summarizes your credit behavior across these accounts for the last 36 months.

The ‘Enquiry’ section of your credit report will be populated when a lender accesses your credit report from CIBIL in order to evaluate your loan application.  If you have applied for a home loan of Rs. 10,00,000 then the ‘Enquiry’ section of the credit report will be populated to show the name of the lender you applied to, along with the enquiry date (date on which the lender has accessed your credit report, enquiry purpose (in this case it was a home loan) and the enquiry amount (which would be for Rs. 10,00,000 in this case). All enquiries made by lenders in the past are displayed here.

There is a critical distinction between an Account and an Enquiry in that the former denotes actual loan obligations that you currently are bearing while the latter denotes that you had applied for a loan or other credit facility from various lenders.  Given that open accounts have an impact on your ability to repay additional debt obligations, having many open accounts may result in your loan application being viewed negatively by a lender.  This need not necessarily be the case if you have many enquiries on your credit report.