FAQs - Market Place

What is CIBIL Market Place?

Market Place is an online platform that enables you to choose from multiple offers across products and from across participating lenders all in a single view. What is unique about the CIBIL Market Place is that the offers are customized basis your CIBIL Score, income and other parameters. These offers are best fit as per your eligibility from across the participating lenders.

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How does CIBIL Market Place operate?

*Loan approval subject to documentation check & verification as per lenders credit policy.

What do I need to do to access CIBIL Market Place?

CIBIL Market Place is a value addition for anyone purchasing their CIBIL Score (incl CIR). When you purchase your credit score you automatically become a member of the CIBIL Market Place for 3 months at no additional cost or charge! It is absolutely free

What details are required to avail the offers in CIBIL Market Place?
  • It is the numeric value/NA/NH/No Hit (the CIBIL report should not be older than 3 months)
  • Control No- It is a 9 digit number that is mentioned at the top right of the CIBIL report.
  • While purchasing your CIBIL Score (and CIR), please make sure you fill up your income details accurately. As this will ensure the offers that are displayed in your Market Place are the ones you are eligible for. Any incorrect income detail will mean incorrect offer eligibility and can be rejected by the lender at the time of verification.

What products are available at the Market Place?

You can avail customized offers for Credit Card, Personal Loan, Home Loan and Loan Against Property currently. Please note the decision to extend an offer for any product rests solely on the participating bank or financial institution.

How will CIBIL Market Place help me?

CIBIL Market Place brings offers from various participating lenders for you on to a single platform. It is simple, user-friendly and offers complete transparency. The offers are customized basis the lenders eligibility criteria which means the offer you select is the offer you are actually eligible for*.

*The offers are dependent on the documentation check & verification performed by the lenders as per their credit policy.

What is the process one needs to follow to avail the offers on the CIBIL Market Place?

Getting the Best Offer from CIBIL Market Place

  • Buy CIBIL Score & CIR
  • Log on to CIBIL Market Place using Control Number & Score Value.
  • Choose required product (Home Loan, Personal Loan, Credit Card, etc.)
  • Compare lenders and choose one offer.
  • Lender will contact you to verify documents and approve loan.
  • Rate your loan application experience to help us serve you better.

*Loan approval subject to documentation check & verification as per lenders credit policy.

How many offers can I select for a particular product category?

You can select only one offer per product category.

Why am I not able to access Market Place?

Please make sure the Control number and the CIBIL Score value that you are entering is three months recent .i.e., the CIBIL Score (incl CIR) should have been purchased in the last 3 months.

I have selected an offer. Now what are the next steps?

Once you have selected an offer then the respective lender will get in touch with you. Please ensure the details entered by you in the CIBIL Score (incl CIR) purchase form is accurate. This will enable the lender to respond to you at the earliest. You can also provide alternate contact details while selecting and confirming the offer in the CIBIL Market Place.